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The Last Will and Testament of

Ambrose Spittie - 1710

Memorandum that at or upon the ninth? day of ? in the year of the Lord God 1710,

I Ambrose Spittie late of Bowers Gifford in the County of Essex Batchelor ... the sickness whereof he died but of sound (and disposing mind)? and memory .... mind and .. in these or the like words ..... (viz)

I give and bequeath all that I have unto my loving brother Thomas Spittie only aft the paying out of the sum? to my loving brother Henry Spittie the sum of thirty pounds

and I desire you to take notice that this is my will and these or the like words in effect he the said testator did utter and declare as and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of the hearing of credible witnesses who have hereunto subscribed their names
The mark of Mary Blackmore, Susanna Thorpe

This Register was water damaged and the Memorandum was water stained in part. The above is the best that can be made from it however as far as I can tell the main points have been able to be interpreted.

Wills at the Essex Record Office Chelmsford :-
Ref : 1710 Spittie, Ambrose, bach., Bowers Gifford 167/BR/16

Acknowledgement to the Essex Record Office

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