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T/A 418/172/102
Level: Sub-Fonds Calendar of Essex Assize File [ASS 35/22/H] Assizes held at Brentwood 17 March 1580

Level: Item
Reference Code T/A 418/172/102
Scope and Content Names of juirors to inquire for the King at the Assize held at Chelmsford on 10 A[pril 1671:-

BECONTREE;- William Buckridge, of W.Ham and Francis Osbaston of Lt.,Ilford gentsl; BARSTGABLE;- Abraham aham Blackberry of Mucking gent;CHAFFORD;- Jermish Reeve of Childerditchg and /wm.Walley of Gt.Baddow gents; CHELMSFORD;-Edm.Hunfrey of W.Hanningfield desq. and Ambr., Spitty of Rettendon gent; CLAVERIG;- Christopher Eyres of Maonunden gent; DUNMOW;= Rob.Clarke of Good Easter esq., [sick];DENGLE;- John Alleynb of Hazeleigh esq., FRESHWELL;- Chas.Wale of Lt. Bardfield gent;HARLOW;- Justin Sherban of Great Pardon of Great Parndon Ropb. Taylor of Lt. Hallingbury and John Greene of Stebbing Hamlet [in Epping Upland] gents; HICKFORD;- John Sorrell of Sgebbing gentleman [sick]Martin Carter of Great Saling and ?Rob.Thompson of Shalford gents, Tim.Felton of Ovington, Thomas Kempe of Finchingfield and Geo.Waleof Steepld Bumstead gents; LEXTEN;- Sam.Gopoddday of Marks Tey and John Lynne of Lt. Horekesley gents., Nich.Coo[per of Bobbingworth esq., [sick] and Edward palmer of lambourne gent; RCCHFORD:- Bradford Bury of W.Mersea and Roger Bourne of Eastwood gents; TENDRING;- John Harlow of Chich ST.Oyth gent; THRUSTABLE;- Henry Jermin of Wickham Bishiopps gent; UTTLESFDORD:- Tho.Ray ofStansted Mounffitchet and Francis Stubbing of Wimbish gets.WALTHAM;- John Searle of /Epping and Joshua Warrn of Layer de la Haye gents; WINSTREE;- Robert Aylett of Great Braxted and Tho.Cudmore of Kelvdon Gents., WITHAM;- John Godbold of Terling and John Tendcring of Rivenhall gents. [ASS 35/112/101/64]

Acknowlegements to :- Essex Record Office