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Q/SR 162/4,5
Level: File EASTER 1603

Level: Item
Reference Code Q/SR 162/4,5
Scope and Content Sessions of the peace held at Chelmsford on Thursday and Friday after the Close of Easter, before William Towse, William Wiseman, Stephen Powle, Thomas Mildmay of Barnes, John Sames, Thomas Waldegrave, William Ayloffe of Little Chishall, Henry Mordant, William Tabor, Nicholas Coote, Geoffrey Nightingall, Peter Tuke and Christopher Chibborne, esqrs.

John Pigg of Widdington, yeoman, by the bond of William Pigge of the same, yeoman, for begetting a bastard child of Trifina Swayne; discharged.

John Nashe of Springfield, husbandman, by the bonds of Richard Willowes of Panfield, labourer, and Edward poley of Stebbing, yeoman, to be of good behaviour; discharged.

Thomas Borne of Springfield, labourer, and William Borne of Great Waltham, husbandman, by the bonds of Alexander Borne and Thomas Salmon of Bromfield, husbandmen; discharged.

Roger Nightingall of Little Chesterford, miller, by the bonds of William Pigge abovesaid and John Nightingale of Newport.yeoman, for being the reputed father of a bastard child begotten on Emma Sendere; to stand.

William Asplyn of Great Coggeshall, Shoemaker, by the bonds of John Gardener, tailor, and Samuel Robinson, shoemaker, both of the sam, for a bastard child begotten on Rose Osborne.[deleted].

John Cooke of Rayleigh, bricklayer, by the bonds of John kyffen of Woodham ferrers, husbandman, and Edward Coloman of Leigh, Notary public, for pheasants.

Peter Foster of Baddow, yeoman, in his own bond, as the reputed father of baddow, yeoman, in his own bond, as the reputed father of a bastard child named mary sache begotten on Agnes bache; Edward Sach to repair to the next Justices for order, and meanwhile the child to be sent to remain at Great Waltham where it was born; Thomas Bale and Thomas Whale of Chelmford, yeomen, for the said Peter to appear at the next Sessions.

[Dorse]. John Copeman of Lambeth, co. Surrey, yeoman, by the bond of William ap Roger of Little Maplestead, yeoman, to keep the peace towards William Puckle, Matthew Alliston and Edward Loker. [deleted].

James Spyttye of Stock, carpenter, by the bonde of Robert Walker of South Hannigfield and Henry Durrant of Chelmsford, husbandmen; discharged.

Indictment against Anthony Hewes and John Hewes of Southminster, husbandmen, and Charles Luckyn of the same, bricklayer, for disturbing the watch, named John Sandes and Richard Briant. [See 162/35-7, 39.]

Samuel Baker of Great Chishell for a common drunkard and quarreller, by the relation of Mr. Ayloffe of the same, committed to gaol, and bound by Richard Wallys of the same, yeoman.

Bartholomew Ward to appear at the Assizes, and John Hockley to give evidence against him there [See 162/28,29,56,58].

Roger Sandes [See 162/42] and Agnes his wife to keep the peace towards Clement Watson, by the bond of Richard Marshe of Chelmsford, Looksmith, and John Dawtry of Hallingbury, husbandman.

Robert Pertre and others to appear at the Assizes [see 162/49].

Richard Cooke for a base-born child [see 162/46]. Bound further by Richard Robynson of Salcott, husbandman.

[162/5] Francis Merchant [see 162/57], to be discharged from victualling, and to be bound for his good behaviour; he told Mr. Sames in open court that he, meaning Mr. Sames, would not see George Roberts for lying with his dame, and using opporobrious words against Mr. Sames; to be committed to the gaol for three days and to appear at the next Sessions. The said Francis and George committed to the sheriff.

Richard Dunstance the younger [see 162/57], a common alehouse-hunter and drunkard and enter of flesh in Lent, and enticer of young men to rob in the highways, by the relation of Mr.Sames; to be bound to appear at the next Sessions and be or good behaviour. Committed to Mr. Clayes the gaoler.

Joan Hawes of Tillingham, spinster, about 4 or 5 years past had a child unlawfully begotten; Susan Woodward, sister to the said Joan, and Thomas Beane the reputed father, for examinations. [See 162/60-2]. Elizabeth Brown of the same by the bond of Jerome Brown her husband not to depart the Court without licence; no true bill.

John Sandes and Anthony Hughes [see 162/37 and 35]; to stand further by the bonds of Richard Pasfeld of Southminster and Robert Forley of Burnham, husbandman.

Henry Snellock [see 162/32]; to stand further by the bond of Christopher Snellock of Finchingfield, gentleman, to keep the peace towards Thomas Browne.

Stay of process against Mr. Joselyn till Mr. Towse be further spoken with.

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