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Q/SR 135/2
Level: File MICHAELMAS 1596

Level: Item
Reference Code Q/SR 135/2
Dates of Creation 30 September and 1 October, 15
Scope and Content General Sessions of the peace held at Chelmsford on Thursday and Friday after the feast of St. Michael, before Sir Thomas Myldmaye and Sir John Petre, knights, Jerome Weston, William Smythe, Henry Myldmay, Thomas Myldmay, Andrew Pascall, John Sames, John Tyndall, William Higham and John Butler, esquires.

Recognizances of

Robert Cooke of Feering [see Q/SR 134/2]. Discharged by the Court.

Thomas Robenson [see Q/SR 134/2 and Q/SR 135/73]. Discharged.

Hugh Cole [see Q/SR 134/30]. Defaulted.

Richard Tanner paid a fine and discharged by Mr.Hubberd.

Order to the constables of Brentwood and Shenfield to bring in two of the principal offenders of each town [see Q/SR 135/35].

William Knight of Fryering committed to gaol.

Order to Barnes the constable of Fryering to bring into the court tomorrow by 8 of the clock the person which he hath let go, to be committed to the gaol; to be bound to his good behaviour and to seek out philip Jurgeon, the said person.

Order to Richard Wilton, constable of Stock, to bring forth James Spyttye and to present himself before Sir John Peter or Mr. Butler; to be discharged from his constableship.

John Ashton [see Q/SR 135/57-60].

James Nycolls, Robert Gooddey and Christopher Potter against Thomas Harwood [see Q/SR 135/40]. Agreed.

[Dorse] Order for the restraint of Badgers [see Q/SR 135/84].

Edmond Brown and John Hart of Brentwood and John Fuller and John Tomson [Pickeringe, deleted] of Shenfield bound over to appear and be of good behaviour and to keep their wives in good order [see also Q/SR 135/35].

Jonas Browninge [see Q/SR 134/2].

Walter Evans to depart this county by May Day next, and if he be taken within this shire afterwards, then he to be committed to the gaol again to answer his offences.

Acknowlegements to :- Essex Record Office