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Q/RHi 4/79
Level: Series HIGHWAYS
Level: Sub-Series Diversion, Closure and Widening
Level: File Justices' orders
Level: Item Highway diversion

Level: Item
Reference Code Q/RHi 4/79
Dates of Creation 1832
Title [Highway diversion]
Scope and Content Justices' order re
(A) Footpath in Bowers Gifford from gate on south side of highway from Pitsea to Thundersley being entrance road to rectory of Bower Gifford, along to gate on east side into The Three Acres of the rectory in occupation of John Cluck, clerk, east along north side of it to and across The Four Acres of the same, south-east across Hare Lands and the Hoppit of Thomas Spitty esq. in occupation of Charles Bayly to gate into road from said highway to Bowers Marshes being entrance to Bowers Hall [23261/2' x 3']
Special Sessions held in Sessions Room, Billericay.

Acknowlegements to :- Essex Record Office