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Repository: Essex Record Office
Level: Category Estate and Family records - deeds
Dates of Creation 30 March 1479
Scope and Content Grant.

John Chopyn,sen., and John Spety, sen., of High Roding, to Tho. Crabbe of High Roding and wife Joan, Rob. Spety and John Chopyn jun.

Croft in Great Dunmow,between the highway from 'Rothyng Street' to Dunmow on the E. and 'Brodfeld' on the W., one head abg. N on a field called 'Chusfere', and the other S. on Hoven Croft.

Witnesses: John Tarvar, Rob.Glascok, John Denham, John Rede and John Spety, jun.

Acknowlegements to :- Essex Record Office