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D/DB T439/13
Level: Sub-Fonds DEEDS

Level: Item
Reference Code D/DB T439/13
Dates of Creation [1734]
Scope and Content "Abstract of Mr Spittyes Title"

Recites 25 deeds, 596-1734, including

(a) 12 June 1623

Conveyance (Bargain and Scale) for 170 (Enrolled in Chancery)

Edward Suliard and Thomas Suliard, esquires, to Thomas Carter, butcher

Close of pasture and feeding ground (31 acres) called Rydeens in Rettendon

20 May 1687 (for orginal see D/DB T440/4-5)

Conveyance [form not stated] for 225

(i) Thomas Younge, gentleman (eldest son and heir of William Younge and wife, Anne (nee Carter) and great-grandson of Thomas Carter party to (a) above) and Thomas Earle, innholder (eldest son and heir of Thomas Earle and wife, Mary (nee Carter and great-grandson of Thomas Carter party to (a) above); (ii) William Pemberton, meal man; (iii) Nathaniel Hunt, gentleman

Messuage and land in six closes (total 31 acres) called Rydeens in Rettendon, in occupation of [blank] Haggett

(c) 6,7 February 1693/4

Conveyance (Lease and Release) for 248 16 shillings

John Claris, carpenter, and wife, Francis (only sister and heir of William Pemberton, deceased) to Henry Spitty of Rettendon, yeoman

Property as in (b)

(d) By his Will Henry Spittey of Rettendon, gentleman devized (1) freehold messuage and land (36 acres) "called Reddings on the West End of Rettendon great Comon" and (ii) freehold messuage and land (10 acres) [sic] called Smiths in Hockley and Hawkwell, to son, Ambrose with successive remainders to other sons Thomas and Henry

(e) Ambrose Spittey "died a Batchelor"

(f) 2,3 April 1711

Conveyance (Lease and Release) to make a tenant to the precipe and lead the uses of a Recovery

(i) Thomas Spitty, 2nd son of Henry Spitty of Rettendon, gentleman, deceased; (ii) Matthew Emerson, gentleman; (iii) Gravely Norton, gentleman

Messuage and 6 closes of land (31 acres) called Rydens in Rettendon, and messuage and land (20 acres) called Smiths in Hockley and Hawkwell

(g) Easter Term 1711

Exemplification of a Common Recovery

Gravely Norton v. Matthew Emerson

2 messuages, 4 gardens, 51 acres land, 30 acres meadow, 30 acres pasture and common of pasture in Rettendon, Hockley and Hawkwell

(h) 8,9 June 1711

Prenuptial Settlement (Lease and Release)

(i)Thomas Spitty of Bowers Gifford, gentleman; (ii) Sarah Emerson, spinster, sister of Matthew Emerson, gentleman; (iii) Thomas Harvey, clerk and Matthew Emerson

Property as in (f)

For setting a jointure on Sarah in bar of her Dower

(j) 15 July 1712

Mortgage (Demise for 500 years) for 200

Thomas Spittey to William Massa of Brentwood, baker

Property as in (f)

[At 6 per cent per annum]

(k) 3 June 1728

Assignment of Mortgage (demise)

(i) William Massa; (ii) Thomas Spittey, son and heir of Thomas Spittey, deceased; (iii) Samuel James of [?South] Benfleet

Property as in (f)

Recites that 163 14 shillings remains due
[Interest 5 per cent per annum]

Acknowlegements to :- Essex Record Office