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Spitty - Wills after 1858

From 1858 wills were proved by the Principal Probate Registry. The extracts below only show the testator and executors. The beneficiaries are not shown in this list. The actual will or administration must be obtained to see who the beneficiaries were. These can be obtained for 5 from the Probate Registry :-

To obtain a copy of the will or administration you should either :-
* attend personally at the Record Keepers Department. You will need to provide the details of the person as in the table below. 5.00.
* OR write to:
York Probate Sub Registry
1st Floor
Castle Chambers
Clifford Street
York YO1 9RG
In you letter you should provide the details of the person as in the table below. The fee for a copy of the will  is 5.00, payable to "HMCS". 

1861 SPITTY Robert 4 Nov. formerly of Horndon-on-the-Hill but late of Stanford-le-Hope Essex gentleman died 30 Sep 1861 at Stanford. Proved Principal Registry by Susanna Spitty of the same widow & relict and William Richard Copland of 3 Doddington Cottages, Commercial Rd Old Kent Rd Surret gentleman.
1870 SPITTY James 25 Nov. late of Bradwell near the Sea Essex died 12 Sep 1870 at Bradwell. Proved Principal Registry by Eliza Spitty of Bradwell widow sole ex. Effects under 100.
1871 SPITTY Susanna 20 Nov. formerly of 20 Bedford place but late of 2 Grenada Tce both in Commercial Rd East Middlesex widow died 9 Nov 1871 at 2 Grenada Tce. Proved Principal Registry by William Richard Copland of 328 Commercial Rd Old Kent Rd Surrey Brewer's clerk, the sole ex. Effects under 200.
1874 SPITTY Herbert 18 Aug. of Horndon-on-the-Hill and Orsett gentleman, batchelor, died 22 Jul 1874 at Horndon-on-the-Hill. Adminsitration to Alfred Charles Spitty of Horndon-on-the -Hill gentleman the brother and one of the next of kin. Effects under 2,000.
1879 SPITTEY Richard 25 Mar. of Eastwood, Essex yeoman died 17 Jan 1879 at Eastwood. Proved Principal Registry by Lucy Spittey of Eastwood widow and relict. Effects under 100.
1887 SPITTY Alfred Charles 2 May. Of Horndon-on-the-Hill Essex gentleman died 24 Mar 1887 at the same, Will proved Principal Registry by Frances Elixabeth Spitty of the same widow and relict and sole ex. Effects 6,899 16s 11d.
1892 SPITTY James of Norfolk House Circus St Greenwich Kent died 20 May 1892. Probate London 18 Jun to John Alfred Palmer accountant and Ellen Spitty spinster. Effects 5,504 16s 10d.
1894 SPITTY Frank Robert of Norfolk House Circus St Greenwich Kent died 3 Dec 1893. Administration London 9 Mar to Ellen Spitty spinster. Effects 763 6s 6d.
1897 SPITTY George George of Bradwell-on-Sea Essex died 13 Nov 1896. Probate London 3 May 1897 to Esther Spitty (wife of James) Effects 134 3s 9d.
1898 SPITTY Frances of Horndon-on-the-Hill Essex widow died 7 Dec 1897. Probate London 12 Feb 1898 to Clara Spitty Broughton spinster. Effects 2,436 3s 2d. Resworn Aug 1898 2,826 5s 10d.
1898 SPITTY Thomas Jenner of Billericay Essex died 26 Jan 1898. Probate London 13 May to Leonard Hopwood Hicks and John Cloverdale Hicks solicitors and Mary Ann Spitty widow. Effects 48,487 8s 2d.
1903 SPITTY Moses of Bradwell-on-Sea Essex died 4 Apr 1903 at Guys Hospital Surrey. Adminsitration London 8 Jul to Frances Sarah Lizzie Spitty widow. Effects 20 5s.
1903 SPITTY William Charles of 12 Sigdon road, Dalston Rise, Middlesex died 15 Sep 1903 at Margate. Probate London 11 Nov to May Beatrice Spitty spinster Harry William Page commercial clerk and Henry Felton gentleman. Effects 9,759 5s 6d.
1908 SPITTY Mary Ann of Billericay Essex widow died 29 Apr 1908. Probate London 4 Aug to Frederick Carter M.D. Mary Ann Shuttleworth and James Fawcett Wood solicitor. Effects 9,100 15s 7d. Resworn 8,718 16s 7d.
1912 SPITTY Esther of Bradwell-on-Sea Essex widow died 8 July 1912. Probate London 23 Oct to John Spitty mariner and Aaron Spitty labourer. Effects 270.
1912 SPITTY James of Bradwell-on-Sea Essex died 29 Dec 1911. Administration (with will) London 21 May to John Spitty mariner. Effects 651 10s. Resworn 1,005 10s.
1912 SPITTY James of Bradwell-on-Sea Essex died 5 Oct 1912 at Maldon Essex. Administration London 29 Nov to John Spitty mariner. Effects 271 16s 11d.
1916 SPITTY Florrie Maud of 85 South St, Greenwich Kent spinster died 22 Feb 1916. Administration London 31 Mar to Ellen Spitty spinster. Effects 1,165 18s 7d.
1936 SPITTY Charlotte of Envious Hall Bradwell-on-Sea Essex (wife of John Spitty) died 19 Jun 1936. Administration London 18 Aug to the said John Spitty retired barge captain and Jack Spitty licenced victualler. Effects 1,531 17s 6d.
1940 SPITTY John  of Envions Hall Bradwell-on-Sea Essex died 9 Jul 1940. Probate London 26 Aug to Elizabeth Creasey widow. Effects 2,184 19s 1d. Resworn 3,036 2s 8d.
1941 SPITTY Ellen of 85 South St, Greenwich Kent spinster died 2 Dec 1940 at Mount Alvernia Harvey Rd Guildford. Probate London Llandudno to Sydney Herbert Spitty retired municipal officer. Effects 3,719 18s 9d.

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