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SPITTY  Marriages - Australia

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Marriages   Year Regn. Dist State Ref. # Spouse
SPITTY Agnes 1878 Forfarshire Vic. 104 John William FISHER
SPITTY Agnes 1890 Lovely Banks Vic. 5499 Alexr CAMERON
SPITTY Annie Bell 1930   Vic. 3228 Jno Hy JENKINS
SPITTY Clive Provese 1920   Vic. 14242 Mabel Maud HEPBURN
SPITTY Emma Eileen 1924   Vic. 10848 Alex GEBBIE
SPITTY Eric Jas 1936   Vic. 368 Grace Elizbth SAYWELL
SPITTY Geo Bell 1900   Vic. 1434 Lucy Matda WEEKS
SPITTY Harold Geo 1924   Vic. 3123 Elaine Mary WAY
SPITTY Ivan 1931   Vic. 1983 Ivy WOLLARD
SPITTY Jas 1924   Vic. 2587 Emma Elizth SARGENT
SPITTY Margt Emma 1894   Vic. 5783 Martin MURPHY
SPITTEY William 1858   Vic. 3146 Agnes PATTERSON

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