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  • Spitty

    English Heritage National Monuments Record : Estate Sales Particulars [SA02537 - SC00469] -

    Catalogue Ref. EST01 The Spitty Estates - ref.  SC00364  - date: 20 Jul 1917
  • George Spitty

    National Museums Liverpool, Maritime Archives and Library - ref D/D/III/12/2 - c.1845-c.1848.
    J.T. Danson's Economic Papers.

    Part of court roll for manor of Fobbing with Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, recording surrender of copyhold land by George Spitty, preceding admittance of T. Stead Carter [missing].
  • Hannah Spitty

    Samuel Parkinson, of Lincolns Inn, releases Hannah Spitty, of Fetter Lane, after an assault: John Horsfall, of Chancery Lane, Liberty of the Rolls, witnesses the release  MJ/SP/1778/04/030  1778 Apr - 1778 May 01
  • Hannah Spitty

    Middlesex  Sessions of the Peace : April Quarter Sessions 1788 - [MJ/SP/1750 - MJ/SP/1778]

    RecognizancesHannah Spittey of Fetter Lane, London, spinster, to keep the peace, especially towards Samuel Parkinson of Lincolns Inn, gent.- ref.  MJ/SP/1778/AP/018 [n.d.]

    Releases - Samuel Parkinson of Lincoln's Inn, gent., to Hannah Spitty Fetter Lane, spinster.- ref.  MJ/SP/1778/AP/032 [n.d.]
  • Henry Spitty

    Cornwall Record Office - ref. GR/741 - 9 Sep 1720.
    Grylls family of Helston, Cornwall.

    (1) Henry Spitty of East Hanningfield, co. Essex, gent
    (2) William Young of East Hanningfield, co. Essex, gent,
    Tenement called Paperills & Vernons... parish East Hanningfield & lands called Skin Crest alias Skynes, parish Rettendon. Lease 21 yrs. Rent : 20 p. annum.
  • Richard Spitty

    Lancashire Record Office - ref. DDHU 53/21 
    Hulton family, of Hulton Park, Baronets - File - Conveyance for 33.6.8 - 16 May 1637.

    Richard Spitty of Graies Inn, gent to William Jesop of High Holborne, gent - "one full part and share of lands and ground within Somer or Barmodas Ilands situate lyeing and being within the tribe of the right honorable Earle of Devonshire commonly called the Lord Cavendish his tribe containing by estimation twenty and five acres be it more or lesse one side thereof abutting upon the share now or late of John Fletcher and Company and the other side of the lands now or late of William Nicholls.

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